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Funny face - Border collie - we are talking border collies

Funny face - Border collie - we are talking border collies...

2015-09-12 02:35 12 Dailymotion

Terrified Border Collie shakes after hearing fireworks

Angry dog owner, Karen Palmer, posted a harrowing video of her dog cowering in fear from fireworks....

2019-11-03 00:25 19 Dailymotion

Collie vs. Collie Shepard

Collie vs. Collie Shepard...

2016-04-02 01:30 2 Dailymotion

Sakallı Collie (Bearded Collie)

Sakallı Collie ya da diğer adı ile Bearded Collie, İskoçya kökenli bir köpek türüdür. Fazla tüyle olması nedeniyle köpeğe sakallı adı verilmişt...

2015-05-14 01:17 112 Dailymotion


The Collie is a lithe, strong, responsive, active dog, carrying no useless timber, standing naturally straight and firm. The deep, moderately wide chest shows s...

2016-04-06 03:45 1 Dailymotion