5 VIAJANTES DO TEMPO FLAGRADOS NA CÂMERA by #Refúgio Mental   2 years ago


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The idea of travelling through time has fascinated and intrigued humanity since ancient times. In fact, who hasn't dreamt of travelling to the past or to the future? And although many believe that travelling through time is impossible, others are not so sure about it. They not only believe, but are pretty sure that time travellers exist. They never waver in their endeavor of looking for and finding proofs to show that their theory is true. So today we're going to show you some vids, which supposedly represent travellers from the past and from the future. In any case, we are not saying that these videos are real and we don't want to convince you or anyone of anything. We just put together some vids from the Internet, which for many are real. So, we have dotted the i's and crossed the t's, so…