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Season 1 Episode 4: The Nuchslep Maggie finally gets a date, but trouble ensues when the date likes Fran more than he likes Maggie....

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Hire A Nanny - Nanny & Buttler

A nanny is someone who has gained a recognised qualification in childcare or a valuable level of expertise in the care and management of children. So, what are...

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nanny 2

This is a small clip of a longer 2 minute end sequence we made for the film nanny and the big bang. It was made using paper crafted models and stop motion. The ...

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The Nanny

It can be really tough to find a good Nanny these days. Check out more content at Subscribe to Madatoms - Check out Madat...

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Nanny Boo

One of the sections from the Better Than Baseball B-roll.

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Nanny (Short Film)

The last night between a nanny and the child she cares for, before she leaves for an arranged marriage. CRAFT AWARDS, Cinematography, Best Actress, First Run ...

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Samurai Nanny

This promo was created as a pitch accompaniment for an animated show called Samurai Nanny, created by Jeaux Janovsky. I co-directed, co-wrote and animated the p...

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