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Karate.KidCollage de djsèbmax - annèè 2011...

2011-03-03 01:28 737 Dailymotion

Karate Kid AV Remix

Live AV Remix of Karate Kid by Acid+Bass+Momo. Performed live at the Unofficial NAMM After-Party using 3 MIDI-synced machines: Video Machine: Operated by Momo ...

2008-01-22 07:36 0 Vimeo

karate kid

We made a Karate Kid movie for Ate Tin Tin and Jeff's wedding! Jeffrey-Daniel: Jeff Valles Christine (Ali): Christine Llamas Valles Miyagi: Larnie Boquiren Jo...

2009-04-16 07:42 0 Vimeo

Karate Kid


2008-10-03 00:30 0 Vimeo

Cisco Webex - Karate Kid

Cool spot I wrote and directed for Cisco Webex. An awesome company with a cool brand. This spot was fun and very hard to direct. I got to work with a huge crew...

2016-11-08 01:00 0 Vimeo


Daniel San aprende sobre las artes marciales y la vida con su maestro Miyagui....

2015-06-26 06:54 0 Vimeo