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This Is Not Ber

Ber ber

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Ber Lin

National Poetry Competition 2014 - Commended: Jonathan Tel for the poem Ber Lin; accompanying film directed by Corinne Silva, read by Alastair Cook and with sou...

2015-06-04 03:32 0 Vimeo

Tamara Saulwick - PIN DROP

“It’s remark­able the­atre, exe­cuted with an exact bril­liance that makes its sen­sual vivid­ness all the more pow­er­ful. The the­atre becomes, q...

2013-05-02 02:19 0 Vimeo


[ber-eeth] // Berith is the Old Testament Hebrew word translated "covenant". This is a preview for a short movie I may or may not make with my wife signifiying ...

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The video was captured in Zermatt Switzerland on the bottom of the famous Matterhorn. Just for fun we went out on the evening of the 7th of March to capture som...

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Free Couch

Free Couch! It's well used, but still has some life left in it. If you've recently found a need for a couch until you can afford the couch of your dreams, this ...

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