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Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich


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Erin Brockovich

In a world where heroes are often in short supply, the story of Erin Brockovich is an inspirational reminder of the power of the human spirit....

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Erin Brockovich


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Erin Brockovich "Listen"

Erin Brockovich "Listen"...

2015-06-17 01:05 87 Dailymotion

Erin Brockovich: infomo

Informational and editorial video about the Steven Soderbergh feature Erin Brockovich. Read the creative case study about the infomo format at http://www.charle...

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TYPORAMA - Erin Brockovich


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Erin Brockovich Explains The Flint Water Crisis

An interview with Erin Brockovich shows how critical it is to have the best water purifier available for your family's safety and health....

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The Films of Steven Soderbergh :: Erin Brockovich

Film no. 09 Edited by Shaun Higgins Twitter: @MrFist126 This video is for comparative review purposes only and is protected under section 107 of the Copyright ...

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Erin Brockovich on "Sprayed"

Erin Brockovich speaks about the disconnect between chemicals released into the environment and public health, and asks people to watch the documentary "Spraye...

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