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Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Revealed - Diablo 3 Gold Secrets

2012-05-18 287 Dailymotion When You Get Your Copy of the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Guide Today, Here are Just Some of the Things You Will Learn:
Black Mushroom - Act 1 - Next to Adrias House
Leroic's Shinbone - Act 1 - In Leorics Mansion Fireplace "Random Spawn"
Liquid Rainbow - Act 2 - Dahlgur Oasis, find Zaven the Alchemist and enter the Mysterious Cave, then find the Mysterious Chest.
Gibbering Gemstone - Act 3 - In Caverns of Frost, dropped by Chiltara. "Random Spawn"
Wirt's Bell - Act 2 - Bought from the Little Girl in the City cost's 100k
The plans for the Staffs drops from a boss in Act 4 and making the staff cost a additional 50k. There is one version for all levels with diffrent price tags!
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