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This 'brush spa' quickly cleans and reshapes makeup brushes back to their original state

2020-05-15 1 Dailymotion

Makeup brushes need to be cleaned often to prevent bacteria and makeup buildup. But over time, washing makeup brushes can also weaken and fray the bristles, making the makeup brushes harder to use. The $49 Sigma Dry'n Shape Spa claims to fix that problem. The Sigma Dry'n Shape Spa is a three-in-one product you can use to deep clean your makeup brushes, hold your brushes for air drying, and shape your brushes back to their original form. Producer Nico Reyes used the Sigma Spa to wash a ton of her dirty brushes with bristles knocked out of place to see if it actually does leave brushes clean and restore them to their original glory.

See more about the product here:
Sigma Dry'n Shape Spa, $49

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