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U.S. confirms N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un is alive; week after regime published Kim's videos and photos

2020-05-08 81 Dailymotion

폼페이오, 金 건재 확인…"북 비핵화 설득위해 모든것 하길원해"

More reaction out of Washington about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un about a week since the regime published photos and video of Kim doing the rounds at a factory.
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, speaking on a podcast Thursday said yes Washington "thinks he's alive."
Pompeo didn't elaborate on Kim's health or general well-being,... instead reiterating that President Trump reminded him to stay focused on the goal of dismantling Pyeongyang's nuclear weapons program and said Washington "wants to do everything we can to convince" the regime.