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Algee Smith Reads Fan Theories for Season 2 of HBO's Euphoria | ELLE

2019-09-18 57 Dailymotion

What the hell happened to Rue? We're still processing the final moments of HBO's Euphoria season one finale — you know, the explosive scene where Rue (played by Zendaya), breaks her sobriety, and ends up in a hallucinative state, gospel choir and all. Is she still alive? If so... what will come of her fragile love affair with Jules? Will she conjure up the strength to take down Nate, once and for all? And, WHO IS THE THIRD SON IN THE JACOBS FAMILY PHOTO?!

In our latest episode of Absurd Fan Theories, Algee Smith — who stars as Euphoria's resident mcm, McKay — stopped by to stir up our biggest bets for season two. Tune in as he talks the future of Jules and Rue, whether Nate will finally get what he deserves, and just how sustainable McKay's relationship with Cassie really is.