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Fashion Firsts: Buying My First Designer Bag (Gucci) - POPxo Fashion

2019-08-07 4 Dailymotion

"Are you struggling with what brand you want, what price you could afford and what colour you should choose?” We"ll tell you about the experience of buying the first luxury bag and related questions what everyone has while buying them. Don't get confused, find all the answers here.
Don't worry, this video is a one-stop solution for all you confused people looking to buy your first designer handbag!
Welcome to the brand new episode of Fashion First. Bags are like little houses you carry around.
Think about it – it’s got your whole life in it. Buying your first designer handbag can be both a blessing and a challenge.
Well, it's true designer bags are quite the investment. So here's how you can make the right one.
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