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Motivation, a big deal indeed... / Learn flamenco guitar /online lessons via Skype/ Ruben Diaz teaching Paco de Lucia´s style and technique (Malaga Spain)

2018-07-11 8 Dailymotion

De Lucia´s homage
"En Ti Confío" Bulerias
Buleria Street
Skype lessons for all levels

Inspiration comes from doing it

One on one private intensive courses in Malaga (Spain)

Do it yourself and keep believeing you are great!

My first concern

About the one on one private intensive courses in

This channel exist TO INSPIRE YOU on Paco de Lucia's style

By just watching videos you may grasp only 5%

Modern vs Old style flamenco

I) Paco himself saying that: "Flamenco doesn’t belong anymore to the people of Andalucía"

II) Paco points out the direction to follow

Song teachers vs Guitar teachers
Learn Paco de Lucia

Get a personalized strategy for YOUR practice

Repeat zero mistakes (that´s my method)

Not just any practice works...

How much can be learned from just watching videos...?

Just need 2 things to learn

How to really follow Paco de Lucia

if you want information about my Skype lessons
please send me an email to: [email protected]

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