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Palestinian Protesters Fight Arrest by Israeli Officers After Sit-In at Damascus Gate

2017-12-14 15 Dailymotion

Israeli forces cleared a sit-in at the Damascus Gate, an entrance to the old city in Jerusalem, and struggled with multiple protesters on December 14.

In this footage, a young man is put to the ground by a group of with an Israeli officers, and one soldier appears to kick him. Multiple other protesters scuffle and fight with Israeli soldiers and police on the scene.

Palestinian protesters gathered at the Damascus Gate in the evening on December 14, sitting on the steps leading to the gate and chanting against the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, news footage showed. Several burned pictures of US President Trump.

Israeli forces physically tried to disperse the protest, pulling the arms of the protesters to lift them from the steps. The physical confrontations then escalated. Credit: Facebook/Muhammed Qarout Idkaidek via Storyful