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'SNL': Matthew McConaughey-Hosted Episode Tackles Syrian Refugees, Adele and 'Star Wars'

2015-11-22 27 Dailymotion

The sounds of SNL's special performer, Adele, were featured in many of the night's sketches, including a Thanksgiving video in which her song "Hello" brought the family together.
McConaughey participated as a grandfather engaged in Thanksgiving discussion with his family when a debate concerning Syrian refugees suddenly sparked arguments across the table, but they suddenly softened as soon as Adele's "Hello" was played in the room.
When the song was turned off, the family went back to arguing across the table, but every time the song was turned back on, each member of the family embraced each other with joy and started to resemble Adele's look in her "Hello" music video, with features including her blond hair and painted nails.