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The Governmental Curse Of Blacks (Full documentary)

2015-07-10 56 Dailymotion

The Governmental Curse is about the Government plot to destroy the black race . Its design imprison the poor and to keep them depending on the government for assistance. This form of control that impacts the black community consist in lack, imprisonment , bad health, mental issues, and violations of rights. It is design to make blacks look lazy, incapable of living a descent life with the help of the government and every other race including some blacks, Human trafficking, witchcraft, bad cops, and a president with very little power to help his own people will open the eyes of every black community. This true story is an impeccable truth written by an ex-con who was a victim of the governmental curse.exposing the masking of twitter accounts, and facebook accounts.with facebook being insecure allowing people to use your information and lure people out with your photo's .Google riding around with a camera on its car collecting data, , breaking into your inboxes and email accounts ..There is so much that people dont know don't know that has allowed their lives to people control by the system that they can't control are see right now.such as the obama phones..This was all a plot to get your personal information.people are forwarding some of our numbers to places that are unknown. And foreigners have our information and could be possibly using it if your record is clean.Our credit is going to 0 with the help of payday loans and more..There was so much witchcraft on me you could smell first you could see black smuge coming thru my body to my under wear, besides feeling the spirits that floated around me.