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North Korea execution: Kim Jong-un allegedly orders a 'traitor' executed with a flamethrower

2015-05-12 182 Dailymotion

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It's already well-established that newly installed North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is an amazing man.

He became the world's youngest head of state at 27 or 28...(Western years can be so restrictive.)

Without serving in the military, he rose to the rank of general and is described by his fellow generals as 'incredibly brilliant.'

It's not really all that surprising.

He is after all, the son of a man who reportedly invented the hamburger, wrote 1500 books in 3 years and shot 11 holes in one the first time he played golf (A fact verified by all 17 of his bodyguards.)

Daddy Kim's death was actually mourned by nature, with rocks breaking, birds behaving erratically and ice cracking in tears---according to trusted North Korean media sources.

The rediscovery of a unicorn's grave near Pyongyang last year was quite rightly attributed to the amazing leadership of the sun of Kim Jong Il.

But not only is Kim Jong-un a fashion icon and friends with major U.S. celebrities such as Dennis Rodman, Mr Kim is also is a very creative individual, especially when it comes to executions.

This year firing squads are NOT THE NEW BLACK.

Both the Washington Post and several local Korean newspapers report that Dearer Leader Kim recently ordered the execution of the nation's deputy security minister by flamethrower.

We're going to go ahead and assume that it wasn't some kind of massive flamethrower that might have offered the condemned individual a smidgen of pain relief.

No... if the story is true, they most likely used a good old-fashioned flame thrower and the dude melted nice and slow.

This isn't the first ridiculously overkill kill that North Korea has reportedly engaged in.

Not long ago there was a story claiming that a vice minister of the army was execu