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2015-02-07 38 Dailymotion

*Flaw Detection Guidelines
"Río de la Miel" Paco Lucia
Sound Portal
Without playing at our level how a Luthier knows what is play-ability for us...?

Ex.1/ 00:14 solo I (Convite by Paco de Lucia)
Ex.7/ 00:00 (answer for the magazine)

Without feedback from expert players no guitar can be made easy to play

Post-Paco de Lucia's Age in Avant-Garde Flamenco Guitars

Easy to play status on modern flamenco guitars

Play-ability & Low Action Re-defined

The Old Mis-conception of "Setting" = Having to "Fix" Every so called "great flamenco guitar"

Ovangkol Negra = Redefining The Flamenco Negra / Mild-Male & Twin Guitars

The dubious greatness of Cypress blanca in flamenco tradition

Paco and his yellow SP guitar

Conditioned by habit

Flaw Detection Guidelines

"Sound Portal"
Your Way out of obsolete contracted flamenco guitars
Problems tuning...?

Test tuning with chords