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The dubious greatness of Cypress blanca in flamenco tradition & Paco de Lucia's negra idea /Andalusian New Generation Cherry blanca Marcelo Barbero 1945 is far superior To any cypress guitar / Ruben Diaz Lessons Tips Q & A

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Deep Blanca Vs blanca
Conditioned by habit

Post-Paco de Lucia's Age in Avant-Garde Flamenco Guitars
Without feedback from expert players no guitar can be made easy to play

Easy to play status on modern flamenco guitars

Play-ability & Low Action Re-defined

Ex.1/ 00:14 solo I
Ex.2/ 16:56 solo II
Ex.3/ 01:05 (answer for the magazine)

Paco testing new fret board division

Female Cherry &Male BR

Ebony Fret-board is Obsolete Choice in Flamenco Guitars Today

"Pulsación" and Beyond

Sound Portal

If you disagree with me the following video is for you... if not just skip it

Paco de Lucía’s vs Traditional Flamenco Guitar

Maple Fret-board = Matchless Playability / New Generation Andalusian Guitars

This is differentiation, the rest is just same of the same.. * New Andalusian Guitars Maple Bridge

Playability & Low Action Re-defined + Unique Features

Opinions vs Facts About Tuning

Why Cypress Guitar is an Obsolete Concept Today...?

Sharing Knowledge

Why did Paco play the same guitar on his show for about 30 years?

If a luthier tell a person "...this guitar I made is so great..."
is like if my mother tells someone that: "...You know my son is the best guitar player of the world..."

"...When you know a thing, to hold that you know it, and when you do not know a thing, to allow that you do not know it - this is knowledge...." (Confucius)


Stay Relevant in modern flamenco guitar

In my opinion 1) Ebony Fret board, 2) Rosewood Bridge, 3) Cedar Necks, 4) Bone-Saddle, are all unimaginative choices born out of traditional dogmas plus scarcity of ideas which luckily now belong to the past.

Besides ebony been obsolete choice in flamenco guitars is also under extinction, see here:

Ebony Critically Endangered:

There are many factors regarding the process of getting the suitable wood to make guitars. As an example I recently came to know that Ebony is near extinction,
you can read this article from an interesting wood site
which although is not specialized in woods for guitars, nonetheless it does have a lot of general information as well as useful scientific information regarding many types of woods.

Three Videos of 1st national award of flamenco in Cordoba “Niño Seve”





New Features

Maple Freatboard

Scalloped fretboard

New fretboard division

Carbon fiber nut



Ovangkol Negra = Redefining The Flamenco Negra / Mild-Male & Twin Guitars

The dubious greatness of Cypress blanca in flamenco tradition