Surprise Me!

NC.A - Coming soon 앤씨아 - Coming soon

2015-01-30 25 Dailymotion

HALO - Surprise
Six member group HALO, one of the hottest rookies of 2014, is back with a winter special album.
The title song 'SURPRISE' has a sweet melody, about a romantic guy is planning a surprise party for his love.

Year 7 Class 1 - Yibyeol Fighting
The seven girls of Year 7 Class 1 caught the public's attention with their cute, bubbly traits upon their debut in January 2014.
'Yibyeol Fighting' is full of punk and rock sounds.
The lyrics comfort those who recently experienced a break-up.

NC.A - Coming soon
NC.A, who received much love after her debut in 2013, is back with her 6th single album, showing off her fresh, cute traits.
'Coming soon' with an addictive melody is about a girl who wants to confess her feelings to the boy she's been admiring.

TEY - Dangerous
TEY debuted in 2012 as the main vocalist of 'MR.MR.'
He began his career as a solo artist.
'Dangerous' with a pop melody and beat strongly reminds us of the pop legend Michael Jackson.
The lyrics depict a guy who is determined to do anything to win over the heart of his crush, who already has a boyfriend.

JJCC - Fire
Five manly, charismatic boys of JJCC, who debut in 2014, are back with 2nd digital single album, showing off their mischievous qualities.
'Fire' is a powerful club dance song that demonstrates the members' amazing capabilities and growth as musicians.
Shouting 'The roof is on fire,' these boys will definitely heat up your party night.

HIGH4 - Day By Day
HIGH4, who touched everyone with a spring song in 2014, has come back again to enrich our souls.
The title song 'Day By Day' is an R&B track with a hip hop sound, a sophisticated melody and sentimental vocals.
The lyrics are about a man who can't get over a broken relationship.

THE SEEYA - Love Song
THE SEEYA, who made their debut in 2012, is back after a year in celebration of the 2nd anniversary of their debut.
'Love Song' with a catchy whistle sound and an intense beat is the follow-up song of 'Crazy Love Song' by 'See Ya.'
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