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Deadly blasts and approaching Islamic State militants spark concerns in Baghdad

2014-10-16 50 Dailymotion

More car bombings...more deaths in Baghdad.

Officials say at least 36 people were killed and 97 wounded in a two-hour period Thursday, in six separate attacks.

One Shi'ite politician blames Islamic State militants who are fast encroaching on Baghdad.

Security teams are posted throughout the city although the headlines are highlighting military failures.

Residents say the lack of accurate information is what frightens them most


"Current news and rumours say that militants are at the gates of Baghdad and that they are now some five kilometres away. Definitely, it causes concern among the people because we do not know what is really going on. If you watch satellite TV channels you will find contradicting reports."

Islamic State militants now control much of western Iraq, overrunning military bases in the Anbar province and capturing other areas outside the capital.

Some say the threat t